I’m very absent of my blog. Right now I’m on a hotel in Guanajuato, Mexico with my parents and my kids. We have been traveling for more than a week and we are traveling by car. It’s a long trip. We have stopped in many towns during the trip, and we had to because we are traveling from Mexicali, Baja California until here… for now.The place is sooo beautiful, but unfortunately I don’t have photos to show. I think  I don’t live in this century, because I don’t have a smart phone,with that thing will be so easy, and I will be able to share my pictures immediately with you. I have a laptop that my mother in law gave us for our kids a few day before the trip,… I don’t even have pictures of my recent work to share. I found an image from postcards I made a while ago, and this will be what I will share with you today. I hope I can figure a way soon to put some new pictures. For now I will sacrifice myself and continue enjoying the trip. :)

Have a very creative day!




Hagámos una de flores

Lets make a watercolor paint.

MATERIALS: Watercolor paper, spray water bottle, micron pen markers or your favorite, watercolor pencils, watercolor brush, Gelly roll pens and your imagination.

1.- Wet your watercolor paper

2.- Put ramdom colors (like dots) on your wet paper

3.- let it dry


4.- Start drawing what ever you want ( i did my kind of flowers)


5.- Once finish with your design, use markers (if you want) to make them pop.


6.- Start coloring your drawing with watercolor pencils

7.- Pass your brush and blend the colors


8.- Repeat the # 6 and 7 until you are pleased


9.- Add details with your Gelly roll pens



and that’s it.