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As the world continues in chaos, sometimes we feel overwhelmed with so many bad news in TV, social media or any other platform that shows us the things (bad or good) that are happening now. Covid -19 is the constant on them, but until the ones in charge of finding a cure or vaccine, we will continue living with uncertainty. The good thing, is that there are a lot of people around the globe doing amazing things. Great things that makes us believe in humanity. San Felipe, Baja California, as other cities in Mexico and all over the world are suffering for this pandemic. We have never known what the future will bring, but in this year it is even darker. Although there are wonderful people out there always doing good.

In San Felipe, some wonderful people have taken the initiative to do something to help. One such group is the “Medicatón San Felipe”. Ana Luisa Tafoya is the one who represents our beautiful port, having at her side amazing people also willing to support. I submitted several of my paintings (old ones and one new) for their cause so they will decide how they will raise funds with them. A 100% of the profits they make will be for the “MEDICATÓN SAN FELIPE”. Those who know me, already know that I am not a professional but I love to paint and experiment and what I do, I do it with great affection. Whoever wants and CAN support this noble cause is thanked from the heart. Let’s support! San Felipe need us.

p.s. Hope you are doing well. Keep yourself safe

Spanish now..

San Felipe al igual que muchos lugares en México y en el mundo están siendo afectados por la pandemia. Algunas personas maravillosas han tomado la iniciativa de hacer algo para ayudar. Uno de esos grupos es el “Medicatón San Felipe”. Ana Luisa Tafoya es quién representa a nuestro bello puerto, teniendo a su lado gente linda también dispuesta a apoyar.

Envíe varias de mis pinturas (unas viejitas y la más reciente) para que ella y su grupo decidan cómo usarlas para sacar fondos. El 100% de lo que reúnan será para el MEDICATÓN SAN FELIPE. Quienes me conocen, ya saben que no soy una artista profesional, pero me encanta pintar y experimentar y lo que hago, lo hago con mucho cariño. Quien quiera y PUEDA apoyar a ésta noble causa se le agradece de corazón. 



San Felipe nos necesita.

¡Manténganse sano!


Here the pictures

“San Felipe a lo lejos” Batik on paper (2011)
“Flores blancas” Acrylic 
“All Together” Batik on paper
“El papalote transparente” Acrylic
“San Felipe con amor” paper and gelly roll pens (August 2020)
“Flores” Batik on paper
“Flor” batik on paper
Ready to go… waiting for another little one. Not in the pictures


That’s all! Keep safe and  keep creating. I’ll do my best to publish more often.


Have an amazing and creative week!




Estampados para Ana

I made this piece for a good friend. I have been making stamps for many years that I have a lot and I don’t know where to put them. Every time I use them they end up storage in another place around the house and I forget what I have. These old stamps were made with round erasers many years ago. I used acrylics and color pencils for detail. This piece end up looking like a wall paper design.

Here some images



This is the final product.


Hope you are having a very creative day!


kind of old…

My kids had their First Communion on México a while ago. I made their invitations and I want to share them with you.

BTW, the weather was amazing, because usually in Baja it’s very HOT. Just in case you wanted to know 😉

Here are the pictures:

Front idea


First try


Adding shadow
Back of the invitation


tendedero #1
Tendedero # 2.    😉

And that’s all.


I hope you have a wonderful and very creative beginning of the week.


HI All… miss you

I have been absent for a long period. During that time I have done some work. Little ones, and my style have changed a bit. I have participated in some art shows and a few art fairs. I want to say that I have been super busy creating and doing all kind of creative activities, but that’s not the case. So far I have manage to accommodate a space where I can rarely work. Or I cook for the family or I paint. Sad for my creative side but that’s what it is. I have force myself to participate in some art fairs so that will force me to paint more and in a short period of time, that way I can continue creating and don’t let it go totally. Here is one I made to donate for an event that happened yesterday in my community. Everything about cats. The “9th Alley Cat Art Walk” Its the first time I participate. They gave us the cat shape canvas and we painted what we wanted. This is what I end up with.

UPDATE: I won second place. I had no idea it will prize. I was very happy!


I hope you have a very creative weekend!


I wish I have been here often…

I hardly remember when I came here and post, (i Guess my blog will tell me if I look at my last post… taaah) Even though I want to create and share as much as I can, it seems that life just gets in the way. I enjoy creating, but when I do start a next project, something happen that I can not continue or finish. I think my creative block has been with me for a long time. I have been creating during my long absence here, but I still fell stuck somehow. I will share with you some of those works and the few things I did, also my new ones. This one is from a game I created inspired by another game I found in Pinterest, I just put my drawing ideas for the process, but the game was from someone I saw there.



I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll do my best to come an share with you.


Have a very creative day!


Long time no see…

Hello, hello, Happy 2018 to all of you! I hope your holiday season was wonderful.

It has been a long time since I posted. Life just got to me and forgot to come and say HI. I have been doing so many creative things and I promise I will make more time to show you.

For now I want to leave you with something I played with yesterday. I want to add color, but this is what I have so far.




Have a very creative day!


A new batik…

HI All,

Showing you the steps of my new work.

2016-08-19 05.43.35_resizedDrawing the idea in a small piece of paper

2016-08-19 05.45.28

Put in projector and traced on masa paper

2016-08-19 05.46.21

Tracing the image with black marker

2016-08-19 05.46.59_resized

Almost done tracing

2016-08-19 05.48.19_resized

Adding hot wax in few spots and then color.

I will show you in my next post the end result.

Have an amazing and very creative weekend!



Organización de estampas

Me fascina crear mis propias estampas siempre y cuando sean de mi cabecita loca (rara vez hago algo que no es mío). Verás tres estampas que por obvias razones sabrás que no son míos los diseños. En fin, tengo tanto material y estampas hechas (algunas ya he perdido por mi mala organización) que he decidido acomodar lo mejor que se pueda en cajas y registrar algo de lo que tengo.

I love to create my own stamps, to put on rubber all the ideas coming from my crazy head. But this past June I made some rubber stamps from “Star Wars” for my kids birthday party. Those are the only ones that aren’t mine. He loved his theme party. (i’ll show you in another post the invitation and goody bags). Anyway, I have a lot of materials and stamps (that I have lost several because of my bad organization skills) so I decided to put them away in boxes and also save pictures of what I have.

2016-07-26 14.56.57

Entre ellas he acomodado también algunas de las estampas que mis hijos han hecho.I put some of my kids stamps in the boxes.

2016-07-26 14.57.43

2016-07-26 14.58.20

2016-07-26 14.59.13

Algunas estampas son dobles. Some stamps are double.

2016-07-26 14.59.52

2016-07-26 15.03.09

2016-07-26 15.02.29

Aquí las que hice para el cumpleaños de mi hijo. Here the ones I made for my son’s birthday.

2016-07-26 15.00.40

Todas las de los borradores son estampas dobles. All of the eraser stamps are double.

2016-07-26 15.01.32

Es todo por hoy. This is all for today!

Have a wonderful and very creative day!