My big eye girls stamp tutorial

I have been absent for a while, but I have been kind of busy. I have been panting, not as much as I want… it’s something… I think, better than nothing. I also have been creating stamps. (My obsession lately). I took out one of my journals and made several stamps from some of my illustrations. My big eye girls illustrations. I created several, but today I will share the one I did yesterday and some of the steps until the end result.

Have an amazing day!


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Lets create a stamp

MATERIALS: Speedball Speedy Carve block or your favorite, Speedball carving tool, pencil, clear paper to copy your idea or illustration, x-acto knife, ink to test ( I used black Archival Ink) and your imagination.

1.- Choose your design and copy it to your clear paper.

2. Transfer the image on your speedy carve block.

3.- Check once in a while, to be sure ALL the image is on your block.

4.- If some part of the image it’s not clear, pass it over with your pencil.

5.- Cut the excess material of your carving block with the x-acto.

6.- Start carving. Use the small knife in your carving tool. Start on the outside lines.

7.- Once you finish the outside, continue with the inside. For big areas, use the medium knife tool. **NOTE** You will notice that in some areas I carved out the black lines of my pencil. In others I went around the black. That will be your choice depending on your design.

8.- Once you are done carving, add the ink.

9.- Test, and test until your are happy with the print of your new stamp.

…and that’s all!



17 thoughts on “My big eye girls stamp tutorial

  1. Oh wow- your intricately carved stamp is gorgeous!!! Now that is certainly impressive. I don’t think I’d have the patience to carve something like this. Happy PPF!

    1. Thank you Linda, you should give it a try. It’s fun! …and YES, you have the patience, I saw those beautiful pages of yours. Love them!

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