de regreso a tierras cercanas…

It’s been a while since I posted. I was on an “unplanned” vacations on central México with my parents and kids. We left on June 28 and arrived home on August 2nd. It was long, it was very exhausting (we drove from Mexicali, Baja California to Zacatecas, México. Stoping in different states to visit during a couple of days)… but it was beautiful and my kids got to know more about their mom’s culture. Anyway, before I left (in a hurry) my kids and I were working on some paintings. Some for them, to decorate their room and several for me. I haven’t use acrylics in a long time, and this was my return 😉 I left them like this:

inicio inicio2 inicio3

…and today finally we went to Crest to paint. I took my kids, and my daughter continued working on hers. My boy just wanted to play legos. (that was good because he let us work). Here she is painting.


and finally here is mine. (WIP) Just makes me happy.


I hope you have a wonderful and very creative day!


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