Our Christmas postcard

My daughter wrote a letter to her friend that suddenly moved to Miami. She has been missing her a lot, so I told her I will find her friends new address. She was so happy. She wrote and also made a family drawing in her card. I loved the drawing. (She has been making family drawings since she was around 3 years old, she soon will be 9). I have been saving them as much as I can. Now in her illustrations she includes our dog,  Guapo that has been with us since June of 2012. I could not let the drawing go, so it end up becoming a new stamp, that also end up being our Christmas postcards for this holiday season and soon will be delivered.

andreacard andreacard2 andreacard3 andreacard4 andreacard5 navidadlast

That’s the way the mass production goes and this is the way my desk looks.

Linking to WOYWW, and Paint Party Friday, places that I haven’t

visit in a looong time. Go check them out!

Have an extraordinary day!



24 thoughts on “Our Christmas postcard

  1. Wow, your family stamp/picture is such a wonderful idea. Now everyone will get your daughter’s masterpiece.
    Sandra de @29

  2. Lovely to see you Nora, and how cute is Guapo – very aptly named!! Gorgeous idea with the stamp..I have my daughter’s handwriting committed in rubber from about age six..it’s very precious to me!

  3. How totally creative! I love the colors you chose to work with, especially the brown kraft card stock! I hope your daughter hears back from her friend… it’s always hard when a dear friend moves away!
    Hugs and happy crafting,
    Beth P
    #49 WOYWW

  4. Your prints are awesome! I saw that you wanted to join my 30 day painting challenge. You can join the Facebook group linked in my post and start painting anytime!

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