La calaca

I have a lot of unfinished work and projects that my head, time and body can not seem to decide when they will meet to finally finish ONE. On top of that, I keep adding new ones, so if I continue doing that I will never finish the ones that have been accumulating dust since 2000. I have been working in this lino for around 3 months. I think I finally finished it after slowly working on it. I have never done something inspired by Frida or the Day of the dead, since I’m mexican, I thought maybe I should have done something inspired by some things from my culture. Until now I just have two “calaveras” I have this and another one that will be the male version. Of course I had to put some of me in them. As I said, this one took me a while to finish it, but I’m finally done. (i think) Here are the pictures.





Keep creating and have an    A M A Z I N G   day!


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