había una vez

“Once upon a time, there was this lady that worked like crazy making stamps and prints, but no matter how hard she worked or how much experience she had, she made tons of mistakes on her stamp making”… yeah… that’s me.

I have created lots of stamps. (I’m not as expert as others, but I’m not doing that bad) Stamp making it is very addicted for me and I also have found that it’s something easy, because I can make them while I’m waiting in the car for my kids to come out of the school, or while I’m watching T.V., etc. I like it because I don’t have the mess of the painting and brushes to clean up after. Anyway, I went with my niece to a printing and rubber stamp making demonstration on a little shop in La Mesa CA., We saw all of what they had to show us and later they let us practice with some rubber. I wanted to rush up with my little stamp because I wanted to see it printed. As usual I did a little flower and I added the words Thank You. I was aware that I had to put the words as if they were reflected on a mirror. The only think was, that I used paper to transfer it on the rubber. I realized my mistake after I printed. I was embarrassed. (because I had the little attitude in my head, even though I did not say it. You know what I’m talking about? This one: -Oh yes, I know this. Or, It’s a piece of cake type) So, I took my things as fast as I could, cleaned up and left. The guy that did the demo, stopped by while I was working, but he never mentioned my mistake. Or, maybe he not noticed it too. -Oh well.

I think after this, I need to put on my work place a sign with rules that I will need to check before I start carving, they will be called:

The Nora rules B4 carving with letters:  😉

1. If I draw/write direct on my rubber, the words go the opposite way (mirror way)

2. If I draw/write on paper. Write the normal way, then transfer.

So, after this little creative life lesson, I let you with my mistakes and other ones that were a success.

Here are a few post:Miss Briceño, Miss Guzman, Muchas Gracias, and here.

Have a very creative day!



Here a few, with some words. 


in this one, you can see my double stamp of the little bug, just the one with the car, has the mistake.


In this one, the stamps with the words “hand”, “made” and “just, were made with my leftover of rubber blocks, so don’t trough your extra pieces, you can create always some new things.


In this stamp, I draw direct on the rubber the words “Muchas Gracias”.


Here are my mistakes. The one on top right it’s the most recent I was telling you about, and the one in the right bottom corner was made by my son direct on the rubber, and I did not spot the mistake.


and this last one, I draw again the design I made of the heart “Amor” so I will carve it later the correct way.


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