Saying goodbye

One of the teachers at my kids school is leaving to continue with her studies. It was a very hard decision she had to make. She is an awesome teacher, very dedicated and truly, truly loves what she does. Most of the time at the end of the school year, I  give a little something to the teachers who were working with my kids, this time I was working with her in school projects and I have already thought about giving her something, but after she told me she was leaving and how hard it was for her to make that decision, I opted to give her a little watercolor inspirational quote that came in Spanish and I though It was perfect for the occasion. (probably you don’t know but my kids go to a bilingual school, that’s why the presents for the teachers are all in Spanish). Anyway,  I found a quote, I think trough Pinterest, and I thought it’s was perfect for her. It says:

“Miss Lupita

Las cosas buenas pasan a quienes las esperan pero las mejores cosas pasan a quienes van por ellas”

I’ll try to translate: Miss Lupita: GOOD things happen to those that wait for them, but the BEST things happen to those that go after them.      —Something like that.

I started it on Thursday night and I framed it next day in the morning before 7:30 am bit before taking my kids to their last day of school. It wasn’t exactly finished the way I like, but it was decent.

When I decided to stop because the time was running…
I had to cut all around to make it fit in the frame. (Sorry for the bad picture)
In the frame and ready to go.

…and that’s it.

Have an amazing and very creative day!



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