pieces of scrap wood

I have been enjoying creating pieces on scrap wood. They are rough and I think that’s why I like them. I don’t sand them, just add gesso and color over them. Here is the final result of a painting I did on October last year. I sold it, but I never published pictures of the end result.


It was painted with gold gesso, using acrylic paint and markers and varnished at the end.

Next one, is a gift I gave to my son’s other teacher. His English teacher. She is a sweetheart and excellent teacher. The tittle is “The garden of knowledge of Miss Yanga”in English. In spanish says “El jardín de conocimientos de Miss Yanga”

Here are the pictures:



A few details and was almost ready.

Hope to see you here again, I have a lot of things I want to show you that I have done, but have not publish.

Have a wonderful and very creative day!




9 thoughts on “pieces of scrap wood

  1. Beautiful work, the wood must give an interesting texture. I salvaged some wood pieces from the scrap heap, so perhaps this will inspire me to start using them. Happy PPF hugs, Valerie

  2. These are wonderful – I love the effect of painting on wood gives. Congrats on the sale of the first and I’m sure your son’s teacher will love her gift.

  3. WOW WOW WOW stunning work Nora…I love them both! I imagine Miss Yanga will beyond thrilled. So personal and precious! Love the other piece too… I can see it really popping off a dark wall…gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing these pieces! I often paint over gesso on wood too. My daughter will buy some ugly reduced art piece just for the board so I can cover it with gesso and make a new piece!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Oh, what fun! I’ve been doing that as well! Giving the old wood new life, using the character it’s built up over time, yes! I’ve been incorporating other scraps as well — old hardware, a beat up old dog chain collar, rusty hinges… It’s great to see someone else bringing their own style and personality to this old no longer junk.

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