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Going back to acrylic work, even though I always take forever.

Have an awesome day!



Saying goodbye

One of the teachers at my kids school is leaving to continue with her studies. It was a very hard decision she had to make. She is an awesome teacher, very dedicated and truly, truly loves what she does. Most of the time at the end of the school year, I  give a little something to the teachers who were working with my kids, this time I was working with her in school projects and I have already thought about giving her something, but after she told me she was leaving and how hard it was for her to make that decision, I opted to give her a little watercolor inspirational quote that came in Spanish and I though It was perfect for the occasion. (probably you don’t know but my kids go to a bilingual school, that’s why the presents for the teachers are all in Spanish). Anyway,  I found a quote, I think trough Pinterest, and I thought it’s was perfect for her. It says:

“Miss Lupita

Las cosas buenas pasan a quienes las esperan pero las mejores cosas pasan a quienes van por ellas”

I’ll try to translate: Miss Lupita: GOOD things happen to those that wait for them, but the BEST things happen to those that go after them.      —Something like that.

I started it on Thursday night and I framed it next day in the morning before 7:30 am bit before taking my kids to their last day of school. It wasn’t exactly finished the way I like, but it was decent.

When I decided to stop because the time was running…
I had to cut all around to make it fit in the frame. (Sorry for the bad picture)
In the frame and ready to go.

…and that’s it.

Have an amazing and very creative day!



Last time I posted, I was busy creating some ideas for a demonstration for an event at Mt Helix, on it’s 90th anniversary. I was worry, really worried.

I know that because I started shoving food on my mouth like crazy, every time I have a stressful situation (and supposedly I’m not stress) I found myself eating compulsively. Sad to say it, but I’m an emotional eater. Always happens, even weeks before the due date for whatever I have. I know that, but I still do it. On top of that I was getting sick. I fought it as much as I could, not letting the cold/flu get me, but I finally gave in. At least it was after the show and after my kids started school.

Well, let me tell you that my stress is finally gone, and I finished my job on time. I drew the idea here at home first, because my demonstration was on batik and If I had not done that, I wouldn’t had been able to finish it in the 2 hours and a half they gave me. I choose a small size also to reduce time. I enjoyed the event and I end up very EXHAUSTED. I did several designs, but at the end fishes were my theme. Here the one for practicing on the time before and the one at the party.



This is my first option for practicing before the event.

The first one has wax, and the second one almost done after removing it. At the end I added a wood spoon on the

bottom of the painting. This one is not the end product.


And this is the one I made at the event. With the rush, I framed it wrong, but that can be fix easily.

…and this is all for today folks 😉

Have a wonderful and very creative day!


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I have been uninspired for a while but yesterday I just started working on several projects that are making me feel that I’m getting there. The first one is on wood canvas, black gesso and paint markers.


The second one, it’s part of a project I started on my house on some of old little scrap pieces of wood I had around. Days later, some of my paintings friends came by to my little studio to paint and they liked the idea, so one of them proposed to all of us to create on them and see what we came out with. Even my children got interested on that. This is my third one. Of course unfinished.


…and the last one, is a design for one of my new batiks I need to make for the 90th anniversary of Mt Helix party, in La Mesa CA. I’ll be participating during the event, and I have to finish a piece in 2 hours and a half. So that have me a little bit worry, because batik it’s a very time consuming technique,… but I still think I can do it. I have to time myself with some similar size piece to be sure I can. I have to donate it, so It has to be frame and ready to hang during that short time.


That’s all for today, wish me luck with my last one pleaseeeee.

I hope you have a very creative weekend!


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Jugando con gises de colores

I drew this little flowers on a wood canvas with some color chalks. I liked the way they were coming out until I ruined it. I added matte medium on top of the paint with my fingers and all the colors bleed. It looks like an antique painting a bit now. Next time I will use varnish spray and we will see what happened. I have to think: It’s part of experimenting. Right?

Dibujé éstas flores con gises de colores en una canva de madera. Me gusto como estaba quedando hasta que la arruiné. Le agregue “matte medium” con mis dedos y los colores se desparramaron. Le da un aire a las pinturas antiguas ahora. Para la próxima voy a usar barniz en spray y veremos que pasa. Tengo que pensar: -Es parte de experimentar-. ¿Verdad?


Here, when I still like it. Aquí, cuando aún me gustaba.


When I ruin it. Cuando la arruiné.


Trying to fix it. Tratando de arreglarla.

The actual paint doesn’t look that bad. I’ll show it to you on another post. For now let’s continue experimenting and have a amazing and very creative day!

La pintura actual no se ve tan mal. Se las mostraré en otra publicación. ¡Por lo pronto, continuemos experimentando y que tengan un excelente y muy creativo día!


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long story short & tutorial

Many years ago, I had a blog named Nora Clemens-Gallo it was at blogger. You know, the one that ends up “atblogspot.com”, anyway, I cancelled my account because I was having issues with it and I had so many spams that made me feel uncomfortable. After a while I thought I would activate it again so I went to do it, but to my surprise It was taken. My name did not belong to me anymore at blogspot. I went and found old comments I made on some blogs and some things I posted at pinterest with my old blog, and oh surprise again, It took me to a blog I did not recognized, but it was using my links and my name of course. That made me sad and a bit frustrated, no longer I can have my name at blogger. That’s when I decided to start another, and THIS is the one. I have found it a bit difficult to do many creative things on my site, but so far it has been very good. You may ask, why is she telling us this? Well it’s because I was browsing pinterest and I found an old tutorial of some doodles I did long ago trough my old blog and I wanted to put it back on my new one and for you to be able to see it, also because if you find it on pinterest and click at it you wont be able to find it. Now, here you will have again my tutorial and a new (old) doodle paint that you haven’t seen yet. So if you want to try this easy tutorial, here is what you will need.

MATERIALS: A canva (I used 8″x11″) a black fine point sharpie marker and acrylics of your favorite colors, water, brushes and your imagination.


1. Make some curvy lines across the canvas, and turn it and do more curvy lines.


2. Continue making lines and curvy lines until you are happy with it. Then start adding your favorite or easy drawing. (for me are doodles and flowers)


3. Keep going and filling the spaces base on your own ideas.



4. And here it’s my final result. That was the end of my last tutorial.


Later, after I posted this tutorial I started adding colors, and I did another that I think I have never show you.Time passed and my sister and nieces came to visit. My oldest niece was turning 16 at the time and she loved the paintings, so that was her present from me. At the end of this post you will see the two paintings (unfinished of course). The things she took were done. 😉



Have an amazing and very creative easter weekend.


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Imprimiendo flores

This is a block print I made several years ago by then did not paint for printing, printing inks only. Now that I have the material I began to print multiple sheets to see how it looked. You tell me …

This is a block That I made a couple of years ago, but at the time I did not have any printing ink, stamping ink just materials. Now, That I have my printing ink, I printed several sheets of paper to See How They will look. You will tell me …

oldblock oldblock2 oldblock3 oldblock4

Have an amazing day!