I’m back!!!

It’s been a very long time since I posted. I had a beautiful space to create and I lost it. (For a good reason though) I will have it back some day, but during all this time I have not created as much. All my work is in progress. Now, a little corner in my living room has my easel with few working materials and a small space on a closet in one room, carries five boxes of the few things I could take out to bring home and create. It had happened, but not as satisfactory as I wished. Or I create or I clean. Also, my husband upgraded the computer and I lost all my adobe programs, some of the ones that I used to write my blogs name on the pictures. But technology it’s GREAT… I have a new phone. Yeah!! I joined the new century and that little thing is helping me now to show you pages I did a while ago. I used the leftovers of some of my old projects and I created two new pages. I can’t throw away those things, that’s why I have so much stuff. Anyway, here the images.

2015-12-07 05.43.26_resized2015-12-07 05.47.12_resized2015-12-07 05.45.37_resized

For now this is it. Have a wonderful and creative day!