Cards and flowers for the school staff.

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During school season we have the “Teacher and staff appreciation week”, I imagine all schools do that too, and during that week we have themes so we could decide on what to give to them. A flower, coffee, card, something hand made etc. These cards were from last year. My kids and I made them with brown cards stock and an old spanish workbook that a friend gave me to use for collage. I have used it a LOT. I used also, water color pencils, paint markers, gelly rolls, sharpies, a coffee filter and a piece of cardboard for a little painting for the school nurse. They were simple, and we made them smile. The school nurse has it hanging on her little space at school and I enjoy seeing it every time I go by.

I hope you keep stoping by so I can show you old and new works that I have not published yet.

Have an awesome day!



pieces of scrap wood

I have been enjoying creating pieces on scrap wood. They are rough and I think that’s why I like them. I don’t sand them, just add gesso and color over them. Here is the final result of a painting I did on October last year. I sold it, but I never published pictures of the end result.


It was painted with gold gesso, using acrylic paint and markers and varnished at the end.

Next one, is a gift I gave to my son’s other teacher. His English teacher. She is a sweetheart and excellent teacher. The tittle is “The garden of knowledge of Miss Yanga”in English. In spanish says “El jardín de conocimientos de Miss Yanga”

Here are the pictures:



A few details and was almost ready.

Hope to see you here again, I have a lot of things I want to show you that I have done, but have not publish.

Have a wonderful and very creative day!



Trying new things in printing

I have been printing with my kids so many times, I have even invited friends with their moms over to create and do a lot of printing. The kids love it and it’s a perfect way to keep them busy. Also, I have printed on wood. I had to make a stamp for a weeding (the design isn’t mine) it’s something I don’t do much, because I really don’t like work on commission; but I did it anyway. I liked the end result. I had to make the letters too. That was more challenging. The new thing was to print on wood, I have never done that. I love it!!


The last group waiting to be wrap and getting ready to be delivered.

The other one I’m going to show you, is a stamp with birds. My interpretation of birds of course. It’s a circular design and I really like it. I printed on my kids shirts. I used ink good for paper and fabric, and let me tell you…They are great!!. I have been washing the clothes I printed on, and the ink is perfect. The best thing about them. YOU DON’T HAVE TO IRON THE INK to be permanent.


I have washed this shirt to much and the colors still perfect.

and so far that’s all for today. I have a lot of finish work and in progress that I want to show you, so I hope to see you next time.

Have a wonderful and very creative day!





Rueda de opciones

In my child class, as many other classes, there is always the moment when one kid gets frustrated and the teacher has to deal with the situation. My child and several other kids could be a bit on that side. His teacher asked me if I could do a spinning wheel for the classroom on a cardboard where the kids would have options that would help them calm down. He gave me several ideas to put in the spinning wheel and I added two, because I put extra space on it (my bad). Later on, I thought it will be better to make him something more durable so I decided to give the teacher something he could be able to use as long as he teaches. I had at home a lazy susan that for many years had been collecting dust, and that is what I used. My son was so proud to give it to him.

Here are the pictures:

The beginning. (My mistake, not sanding it)
I used acrylics, paint markers, sharpie, paper, matte medium.
adding the images.
More adding…
Not liking some letters and drawings…
Happy with this change…
Almost there…
Done and ready for varnish.
Varnished and ready to dry.
My boy happy and ready to deliver.

and this is it. For those like me that have kids out of school, have a great summer vacation. … at least we are not running like crazy in the mornings 😉

Hope you have a very creative day and a great summer vacation!