Adding black gesso…

Just arriving from a long trip. We visited family. My old town it is HOT !! It’s amazing how easy we get used to a better weather. I remember growing up with out air conditioner and doing everything, playing outside, having fun and at night just getting our clothes wet to try to sleep, or sleeping outside in the hottest days and we survived. Now, I just want to stay inside the cold air. The more comfort we have with all these new inventions, the least we want to try the old way and we can’t even imagine living with out them. We are spoiled 😉

In other note, I have a lot of brown and thick card stock paper and I have been adding black gesso and painting on them with paint markers, acrylic markers and Gelly rolls pens. I like what have come out of them. Here a few images.

The first is an attempt I did (before I started my calligraphy class) to make my family do the dishes after themselves. It worked just two days. Mmmh…


It says: “Please clean after yourself. Help keep this kitchen clean. Love Mom. HAPPY mom, HAPPY family”. It was more for my husband 😉 Even though, I always try to make my kids do their dishes it’s always a constant battle. Now they are 10 and 8 and they can perfectly help. I just give them the plastic dishes. Anyway, I’ll keep trying.

The next one, I gave it to my sister in law during Christmas. I did not wanted to give her just a gift certificate, that’s why I added my flowers. But I don’t know if she liked it. She has other style.

Before adding the frame.
Almost ready to go.

and so far this is all for today. I have been working a lot, but I have not posted in a long time on my blog. So please keep coming because I have a lot to show you.

Have a lovely and creative day!




I’m very absent from my blog. Right now I’m in a hotel in Guanajuato, Mexico with my parents and my kids. We have been traveling for more than a week and we are doing it by car. It’s a long trip. We have stopped in many towns during the trip, and we had to because we are traveling from Mexicali, Baja California until here… for now.The place is sooo beautiful, but unfortunately I don’t have photos to show. I think  I don’t live in this century because I don’t have a smart phone. With that thing will be so easy, and I will be able to share my pictures immediately with you. I have a laptop that my mother in law gave us for our kids a few days before the trip,… I don’t even have pictures of my recent work to share. I found an image from postcards I made a while ago, and this will be what I will share with you today. I hope I can figure out a way soon to put some new pictures. For now I will sacrifice myself and continue enjoying the trip. 🙂

Have a very creative day!