Trying new things in printing

I have been printing with my kids so many times, I have even invited friends with their moms over to create and do a lot of printing. The kids love it and it’s a perfect way to keep them busy. Also, I have printed on wood. I had to make a stamp for a weeding (the design isn’t mine) it’s something I don’t do much, because I really don’t like work on commission; but I did it anyway. I liked the end result. I had to make the letters too. That was more challenging. The new thing was to print on wood, I have never done that. I love it!!


The last group waiting to be wrap and getting ready to be delivered.

The other one I’m going to show you, is a stamp with birds. My interpretation of birds of course. It’s a circular design and I really like it. I printed on my kids shirts. I used ink good for paper and fabric, and let me tell you…They are great!!. I have been washing the clothes I printed on, and the ink is perfect. The best thing about them. YOU DON’T HAVE TO IRON THE INK to be permanent.


I have washed this shirt to much and the colors still perfect.

and so far that’s all for today. I have a lot of finish work and in progress that I want to show you, so I hope to see you next time.

Have a wonderful and very creative day!






“Muchas Gracias” handmade Stamp

My new stamp!  Sorry for the blurry pictures, I did not realize they were that bad until I put them in my computer and I can’t take new pictures of the final postcard product because I gave it away. But I still have the stamp. 🙂

muchasgraciasstamp muchasgraciasstamp2 muchasgraciasstamp3

Las estampas no paran

…y mis hijos han hecho que les haga las suyas. Mi hijo de 5 años, adora todo lo que sea de Batman, así que dibujo a su héroe favorito y su madre le creo el sello. He aquí las imágenes. El parecido es increíble, ustedes verán la foto y juzgaran.  😉

y la segunda estampa, es de mi diario, donde use una ilustración de una de mis chicas de ojos grande

(que ya llevo dos)

¡Qué tengan un día extraordinario!


¿a poco no están igualitos?


My big eye girls stamp tutorial

I have been absent for a while, but I have been kind of busy. I have been panting, not as much as I want… it’s something… I think, better than nothing. I also have been creating stamps. (My obsession lately). I took out one of my journals and made several stamps from some of my illustrations. My big eye girls illustrations. I created several, but today I will share the one I did yesterday and some of the steps until the end result.

Have an amazing day!


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Lets create a stamp

MATERIALS: Speedball Speedy Carve block or your favorite, Speedball carving tool, pencil, clear paper to copy your idea or illustration, x-acto knife, ink to test ( I used black Archival Ink) and your imagination.

1.- Choose your design and copy it to your clear paper.

2. Transfer the image on your speedy carve block.

3.- Check once in a while, to be sure ALL the image is on your block.

4.- If some part of the image it’s not clear, pass it over with your pencil.

5.- Cut the excess material of your carving block with the x-acto.

6.- Start carving. Use the small knife in your carving tool. Start on the outside lines.

7.- Once you finish the outside, continue with the inside. For big areas, use the medium knife tool. **NOTE** You will notice that in some areas I carved out the black lines of my pencil. In others I went around the black. That will be your choice depending on your design.

8.- Once you are done carving, add the ink.

9.- Test, and test until your are happy with the print of your new stamp.

…and that’s all!


Miss Guzmán stamp

Do you remember the stamp I made for my kids favorite teacher? Well, another teacher from their school saw it and wanted one. Here are the pictures. I hope all of you had an amazing valentines day and a long weekend.

¿Recuerdan la estampa que hice para la maestra favorita de mis hijos? Bueno, pues otra maestra de su escuela la vio y quiso una para ella. Aquí les muestro las fotos. Espero todos hayan pasado un excelente día de San Valentín y un fin de semana largo. (si es que les toco) 🙂



for my kids favorite teacher

Yesterday my kids started school and my son was very excited to go back because he wanted to give to his teacher his present from Christmas and the Tree Wise Kings (late). Before the school ended (last year) he was pushing me to finish it, but I was so busy and overwhelmed that I let it until yesterday that he finally gave it to her… after all, I was able to work on vacations with less stress. 🙂

We gave her what I can do… a stamp made on my favorite erasers to carve. So here I’ll show you the steps on the making and the almost final result. I did carve a bit after the first test, no picture though.

When I picked up my kids, she told me she loved it and she had already use it to stamp the kids work at the end of the day.

Have a wonderful day!