Playing with paper clay and pastel chalks

I while ago I saw a journal on pinterest. This lady used on her work paper clay to make texture on her page. I loved the idea. I wanted to use it on my paintings and it had been on my head for more than two years. I finally bought paper clay and used it on a small wood board canvas. Just playing and having fun. I don’t know if I have mentioned before, but: I LOVE TO EXPERIMENT. If I see something new, I imagine how it will work on this or that way or with this or with that thing… anyway, to bad i’m not rich, if I was, i’ll be very poor right now because I will be buying new stuff to try new techniques. 😉 Anyway (again), here is what I did. I used paper clay, matte medium (just in case did not stay on the canvas), let it dry for few days, then I used pastel chalks and acrylics. I do like what I see so far… What do you think? (still work in progress).

For now I’m going to go and visit our friends from Paint Party Friday, which I have not visited in a loooong time.






Have a wonderful day!