long story short & tutorial

Many years ago, I had a blog named Nora Clemens-Gallo it was at blogger. You know, the one that ends up “atblogspot.com”, anyway, I cancelled my account because I was having issues with it and I had so many spams that made me feel uncomfortable. After a while I thought I would activate it again so I went to do it, but to my surprise It was taken. My name did not belong to me anymore at blogspot. I went and found old comments I made on some blogs and some things I posted at pinterest with my old blog, and oh surprise again, It took me to a blog I did not recognized, but it was using my links and my name of course. That made me sad and a bit frustrated, no longer I can have my name at blogger. That’s when I decided to start another, and THIS is the one. I have found it a bit difficult to do many creative things on my site, but so far it has been very good. You may ask, why is she telling us this? Well it’s because I was browsing pinterest and I found an old tutorial of some doodles I did long ago trough my old blog and I wanted to put it back on my new one and for you to be able to see it, also because if you find it on pinterest and click at it you wont be able to find it. Now, here you will have again my tutorial and a new (old) doodle paint that you haven’t seen yet. So if you want to try this easy tutorial, here is what you will need.

MATERIALS: A canva (I used 8″x11″) a black fine point sharpie marker and acrylics of your favorite colors, water, brushes and your imagination.


1. Make some curvy lines across the canvas, and turn it and do more curvy lines.


2. Continue making lines and curvy lines until you are happy with it. Then start adding your favorite or easy drawing. (for me are doodles and flowers)


3. Keep going and filling the spaces base on your own ideas.



4. And here it’s my final result. That was the end of my last tutorial.


Later, after I posted this tutorial I started adding colors, and I did another that I think I have never show you.Time passed and my sister and nieces came to visit. My oldest niece was turning 16 at the time and she loved the paintings, so that was her present from me. At the end of this post you will see the two paintings (unfinished of course). The things she took were done. 😉



Have an amazing and very creative easter weekend.


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Hagámos una de flores

Lets make a watercolor paint.

MATERIALS: Watercolor paper, spray water bottle, watercolor paint, micron pen markers or your favorite, watercolor pencils, watercolor brush, Gelly roll pens and your imagination.

1.- Wet your watercolor paper

2.- Using your watercolor paint and brush, put ramdom colors (like dots) on your wet paper

3.- let it dry


4.- Start drawing what ever you want ( i did my kind of flowers)


5.- Once finish with your design, use markers (if you want) to make them pop.


6.- Start coloring your drawing with watercolor pencils

7.- Pass your brush and blend the colors


8.- Repeat the # 6 and 7 until you are pleased


9.- Add details with your Gelly roll pens



and that’s it.

My big eye girls stamp tutorial

I have been absent for a while, but I have been kind of busy. I have been panting, not as much as I want… it’s something… I think, better than nothing. I also have been creating stamps. (My obsession lately). I took out one of my journals and made several stamps from some of my illustrations. My big eye girls illustrations. I created several, but today I will share the one I did yesterday and some of the steps until the end result.

Have an amazing day!


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Lets create a stamp

MATERIALS: Speedball Speedy Carve block or your favorite, Speedball carving tool, pencil, clear paper to copy your idea or illustration, x-acto knife, ink to test ( I used black Archival Ink) and your imagination.

1.- Choose your design and copy it to your clear paper.

2. Transfer the image on your speedy carve block.

3.- Check once in a while, to be sure ALL the image is on your block.

4.- If some part of the image it’s not clear, pass it over with your pencil.

5.- Cut the excess material of your carving block with the x-acto.

6.- Start carving. Use the small knife in your carving tool. Start on the outside lines.

7.- Once you finish the outside, continue with the inside. For big areas, use the medium knife tool. **NOTE** You will notice that in some areas I carved out the black lines of my pencil. In others I went around the black. That will be your choice depending on your design.

8.- Once you are done carving, add the ink.

9.- Test, and test until your are happy with the print of your new stamp.

…and that’s all!