A new batik…

HI All,

Showing you the steps of my new work.

2016-08-19 05.43.35_resizedDrawing the idea in a small piece of paper

2016-08-19 05.45.28

Put in projector and traced on masa paper

2016-08-19 05.46.21

Tracing the image with black marker

2016-08-19 05.46.59_resized

Almost done tracing

2016-08-19 05.48.19_resized

Adding hot wax in few spots and then color.

I will show you in my next post the end result.

Have an amazing and very creative weekend!





I have been uninspired for a while but yesterday I just started working on several projects that are making me feel that I’m getting there. The first one is on wood canvas, black gesso and paint markers.


The second one, it’s part of a project I started on my house on some of old little scrap pieces of wood I had around. Days later, some of my paintings friends came by to my little studio to paint and they liked the idea, so one of them proposed to all of us to create on them and see what we came out with. Even my children got interested on that. This is my third one. Of course unfinished.


…and the last one, is a design for one of my new batiks I need to make for the 90th anniversary of Mt Helix party, in La Mesa CA. I’ll be participating during the event, and I have to finish a piece in 2 hours and a half. So that have me a little bit worry, because batik it’s a very time consuming technique,… but I still think I can do it. I have to time myself with some similar size piece to be sure I can. I have to donate it, so It has to be frame and ready to hang during that short time.


That’s all for today, wish me luck with my last one pleaseeeee.

I hope you have a very creative weekend!


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