intentos de abstracto

Hi everybody!

Hope you are having wonderful vacations, if you are the lucky ones.

This is one of my few tries on abstract. What do you think? Am I done?

¡Hola a todos!

Espero estén teniendo unas maravillosas vacaciones, si es que son uno de los afortunados.

Estos son unos de mis primeros intentos de abstracto. ¿Cómo lo ven? ¿Está terminado?


Keep creating and have an amazing almost weekend!


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Hagámos una de flores

Lets make a watercolor paint.

MATERIALS: Watercolor paper, spray water bottle, watercolor paint, micron pen markers or your favorite, watercolor pencils, watercolor brush, Gelly roll pens and your imagination.

1.- Wet your watercolor paper

2.- Using your watercolor paint and brush, put ramdom colors (like dots) on your wet paper

3.- let it dry


4.- Start drawing what ever you want ( i did my kind of flowers)


5.- Once finish with your design, use markers (if you want) to make them pop.


6.- Start coloring your drawing with watercolor pencils

7.- Pass your brush and blend the colors


8.- Repeat the # 6 and 7 until you are pleased


9.- Add details with your Gelly roll pens



and that’s it.

Working on linoleoum…. WIP

…and showing you an old one of a fish (that it’s not my original design, I think it is from some craftman in México. This is just my interpretation) It is a 30″x40″ paint. I used acrylics, sand, gesso, rice, oatmeal and I don’t remember what else to create the texture.

Also, I have been working on linoleoum for several days, my blades have lost their sharpness and it makes it  harder to work on it. (i did put it several times on the micro to soften it a bit)

So here is what I have so far. I added some color to see how it looks… I like it so far.

Have a very creative day!


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lino1 lino2

lino3 lino4